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Tim Steele with the IAF

The Anchorage Assembly is the Municipality of Anchorage's legislative body. The eleven-member body is responsible for setting Municipal policy through enactment of laws (ordinances) and adoption of resolutions. Each Assemblymember is elected by section and serves a three-year term.

The Assembly derives its powers from the 1975 Anchorage Home Rule Charter and the laws and Constitution of the State of Alaska. The Assembly enacts all laws; approves Municipal and School Board budgets; appropriates all money; awards contracts over $100,000 through the competitive bid process; confirms all appointments to Municipal boards and commissions, and other executive level staff as provided in the Anchorage Municipal Code; and certifies Municipal elections.

Paid For by Tim Steele for Assembly, 2124 Solstice Circle, Anchorage, AK 99503

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