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Tim is a registered non-partisan


I am registered ďNon-PartisanĒ because I think that a non-partisan, pragmatic approach is key to effective decision making. I have supporters and friends across the political spectrum, and that includes my relationships with the other assembly members. My track record on the School Board is a good example.

In my 9 years on the school board, my calling card was showing up prepared, on time, and ready to listen. People on both sides of the aisle appreciated the way I conducted myself; I was elected President, asked to serve on the Executive Board of the Alaska School Boards Association, and named Board Member of the Year by the Alaska Superintendents.

The job of the Assembly in the next 4 years will be to restrain and stabilize our budget while preserving vital components of our town; infrastructure, health/safety, and education. As a veteran and a business - land - and gun owner -- and on the other hand -- as a man who has raised two daughters on his own and who believes in the value of education; I empathize on a personal level with both the conservative and the progressive demographics in this town. My goal is to use that experience to make government work for the people of Anchorage.

Supports public education

Education and School Choice

Both of my daughters graduated from the Anchorage Public School System and as a result I know that Anchorage Schools give our children an opportunity for a fantastic educational experience.

I strongly support school choice; I believe that our kids do best when they and their parents are able to select a program that fits their needs. Ranging from language immersion to Montessori to lifeline programs like AVAIL, diversity of education models has become a strength of the Anchorage school system.

However, I do not support the recent proposals to use public funds to discount private education.

  • I agree with the private school administrators in Anchorage who have spoken out against this idea because it will increase government oversight and regulation of private education, which goes against one of the primary reasons parents choose private schools in the first place.
  • But moreover, I believe in the value of an effective public school system. Strong public schools directly correlate to stronger property values, a more effective work force, and a more attractive community. With our administration already threatening cuts to the school budget, we simply canít afford to drain money out of the public school system.

Tim has a solid background in effective budgeting

Municipal Budget

I have a solid background in effective budgeting. I hold degrees in business administration, economics, and management. I have owned my own business working as a licensed building contractor and real estate broker. I have paid taxes for my business and handled employees. I also worked as Chief of Payroll during my service in the NOAA corps, with responsibility for the pay of 400+ people.

It is reasonable for a community to expect meaningful contributions from all of its members, but right now we are making excessive demands on businesses and property owners to foot communitywide bills. Anchorage needs to diversify its steams of revenue. Currently almost 70% of city operations are financed by property tax revenue. Continuing to raise property taxes to cover the growing deficit is neither fair nor a sustainable long term solution.

Our community has made it clear that it does not want a sales tax. In the short term, we need to think creatively about ways to vary our revenue sources.
  • Municipal reports from 2012 have exposed inefficiencies in the way that the Property Appraisal Division assesses value and conducts appeals. By stabilizing funding and support for PAD we could drastically reduce the staff turnover and other inefficiencies that have dogged our property tax system for years.

  • We also need to make sure that Anchorage meets the criteria for all versions of state funding. Since Governor Murkowski discontinued the State revenue sharing program in 2003 the city has struggled to keep the budget above water. New sources of state support have developed, but many of these are categorical. Anchorage has missed out on opportunities for State funding in the past and we need to shore up that funding to help our budget in the future.†

  • Lastly, itís the responsibility of city leaders to make sure that they are communicating effectively with the public. The reality is that we face a choice between a sales tax, a property tax hike, across the board fees and charges, and/or aggressive cuts to public institutions. Itís not enough to rework the budget; good leaders need to explain the challenges they face, seek feedback from the public, and build trust.

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